[music-dsp] Re: References to sampling rate conversion

Kaname Ogawa kaname at tcct.zaq.ne.jp
Thu Sep 13 12:31:28 EDT 2001


I want to use sinc() interpolation presented by below,

But I faced a large problem. My platform is Windows but sample
code uploaded above is for UNIX. I tried to run this code on my
Windows, but the code uses platform dependent function a lot and
too complicated to move.

Does anyone know same algorithum implemented on Windows?

I tried to implement the interpolation with the paper by myself.
My code does not work correctly in some condition. So basic and
simple implementation demo or guidance with C is also welcomed!

 Kaname Ogawa
 Toyonaka city, Osaka, JAPAN
 mailto: kaname at tcct.zaq.ne.jp (Main)
 mailto: kaname.ogawa at nifty.ne.jp (Sub)
 www:  http://www.tcct.zaq.ne.jp/kaname/software

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