[music-dsp] inverse impulse response

soundgood at web.de soundgood at web.de
Tue Apr 9 14:39:58 EDT 2002

music-dsp at shoko.calarts.edu schrieb am 09.04.02:
> On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 17:16:33, Svante Stadler wrote:
> > If y = x * f (convolution), is it possible
> > to find a function g so that:
> > y * g = x
> AFAIK deconvolution isn't possible, so, no.
> Roman
Deconvolution is possible. I read an article a few month back and have developed an algorithm, but I haven't implemented it as it is easier to go into the frequency domain (or time domain if you are convolving in the f domain) and just divide.

If anybody is interested I might be convinced to search for the algorithm and post it.

Well you have to convince me. :)


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