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Bram De Jong Bram.DeJong at rug.ac.be
Wed Apr 24 07:33:43 EDT 2002


these are the latest additions on musicdsp.org:

* Noise Shaping Class (23/04/02)
     Posted by cshei[AT]indiana.edu

* Class for waveguide/delay effects (23/04/02)
     Posted by arguru[AT]smartelectronix.com

* Envelope detector (12/04/02)
     Posted by Bram

* Bit quantization/reduction effect (12/04/02)
     Posted by Jon Watte

* 16-to-8-bit first-order dither (12/04/02)
     Posted by Jon Watte

* Hermite interpollation (09/04/02)
     Posted by various

* Millimeter to DB (faders...) (09/04/02)
     Posted by James McCartney

* State Variable Filter (Double Sampled, Stable) (04/04/02)
     Posted by Andrew Simper

* Fast binary log approximations (04/04/02)
     Posted by musicdsp.org[AT]mindcontrol.org

* Bandlimited sawtooth synthesis (29/03/02)
     Posted by emanuel.landeholm[AT]telia.com

* 2 Wave shaping things (19/03/02)
     Posted by Frederic Petrot

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on subjects I know little about.


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