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douglas irving repetto douglas at music.columbia.edu
Thu Apr 25 15:54:29 EDT 2002

hear ye:

the next dorkbot-nyc meeting will take place on wednesday may 1st, 2002 
at 8pm

PLEASE NOTE: this dorkbot meeting will NOT be at Columbia. It will be a 
joint meeting of the New York Chapter of the Robotics Society of America 
(RSA-NY) and dorkbot, and it will be held at NYU and will start at 8pm.

RSA-NYC + dorkbot
Wednesday May 1st
ITP conference room
4th floor tisch school of the arts on the corner of waverly and broadway

featuring the lovely and talented:

David Schwarz:
"Cello" is a prototype for an interactive electronic musical instrument.

It combines two elements of design: 1) the familiar regime of cello 
playing with an instrument supported by an adjustable endpin, body held 
like a cello, and "fingerboard", and 2) a new interface--a touchpad that 
returns numbers based on "x" "y" coordinates in addition to "z"--degree 
of pressure. The numbers are fed into a Max / Msp patch that outputs audio.

The instrument offers a way to extend the familiar technique of cello 
playing in a new direction. The instrument invites a new sense of the 
relationship between sound and noise, between composition and improvised 
performance, as well.

Paul Bartlett and colleagues:
Paul Bartlett and friends will talk about their work with Honeybee robotics.

Honeybee has worked on over 75 NASA contracted projects as well as 
robotic solutions for Nike, Edison, Consolidated, 3M and Coca-Cola. Paul 
will talk about their current projects for the 2003 Mars mission and 
their work in local industry and arts ventures.

NYU ITP Students: Some NYU ITP students will also be presenting some of 
their current work in robotics and design for the ITP Physical Computing 

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