[music-dsp] RE: On another topic... please

Chun-Yu cshei at indiana.edu
Fri Apr 26 10:05:10 EDT 2002

I don't have the Intel compiler, but I have the VC7 compiler.  The VC7
compiler is a bit faster than the VC6 compiler.  I've gotten a version of
LAME that was compiled by the Intel compiler, and it is considerably
faster than either VC7 or VC6.  Here are the speeds I get on my P-III 866:
Intel Compiler 4.5 (I didn't compile it, so I'm not sure what options were
used) - 6x encoding
VC7 (Whole program optimization on) - 5.2x
VC6 (Maximize speed on) - 5x

So, for LAME, the Intel compiler is definetely faster by a wide margin.
This wasn't even the latest version of it, either, so the latest version
may be even better at optimizing.  I'm probably going to buy the Intel
compiler sometime soon because it seems to be much better than
Microsoft's.  (Note - there is an educational discount that's available to
students and people who work at universities - you can get it for $125
instead of $500)


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