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Cournapeau David cournape at enst.fr
Mon Aug 19 19:14:00 EDT 2002

> Note:
> Almost all commercial and share music applications are written in C++.
> There are a few written in C and a few written in Delphi. No commercial
> music application that I know of is written in VB, C#, or Java.
> Almost all academic computer music software, which is what drives the
> whole business, is written in C or C++. Some is written in LISP or in
> Java.

I don't think that "everyone is using C++ or C" is a good reason to say you
must use C or C++. These languages have their pro/cons, but there are a lot
of other languages which can be well suited for DSP; but nobody really try
them. For example, a friend of mine try to use some AD95 in ASIO
applications; I personnally don't know a lot about ADA95, but it has some
caracteristics which seem very attractive ( one standart library for
multithreading / good librarire for realt time stuff / etc... ). And I am
sure that a lot of other languages exist, too...

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