[music-dsp] multichannel DSPs, S/PDIF interconnection

Richard Dobson rwd at btconnect.com
Tue Dec 10 14:55:01 EST 2002

That all sounds great! But will it apply to someone such as myself, living in a 
currently snowy Somerset, UK?  Unfortunately, I am not a "dev from a big 
company" (actually, a "dev" in a very very small mostly non-profit-making 
cooperative, but with "high hopes"), but I did manage to program a clean phase 
vocoder on a SHARC EZ-KIT once.

So I already know they will have no long-term prospects are with me, as whoever 
picks up my email request will very quickly discover. Unless they like 
supporting types who may write an interesting research paper one day?

Perhaps they will need to sell to me at full RRP to make up for all the freebies 
dished out elsewhere.. :-)

Richard Dobson

John L. Utz III wrote:

> Not listing the price makes you talk to a salesguy, which then gives said
> person a chance to make a value judgment about what his long term prospects
> are with you if he gets you a board.
> in some circles, being a dev from a big company means that you will get 2 or 3
> boards shipped to you for *free* and they will be shipped FedEx Overnite
> gratis. Then an 8am phone call from a customer service engineer who is ready 
> to tell you how to put the CD in your computer and connect the board and will 
> be happy to sit on the phone until your hello world compiles, runs and prints
> to stdout via the serial port...oh, and he helps you trouble shoot the serial port
> connection,  which is always the hell bit of getting any new harware up...
> have i ever worked in embedded systems? why yes! :-)

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