[music-dsp] Ratio Between Consecutive Semitones

Mike Berry mikeb at nmol.com
Thu Dec 19 15:21:01 EST 2002

	The number does not include the octave. So 12tet has 12 discrete 
pitches (e.g. A through G#) before the pitches repeat in the next octave.


Moyer, Andy wrote:
> Am I correct in saying that [n]-tet tunings have [n] discreet notes per
> octave, including the root and the note exactly 1 octave higher than the
> root?  I understand that the various temperments could cause some variation
> in the above statement as you move away from the root note, but is it the
> number of discreet notes that an octave is divided into always the basis for
> the tuning's classification?
> I am not good with the musical terms, so forgive me if I've abused them
> here.  By "octave" I mean an interval where the ending note is approx. or
> exactly 2x the frequency of the root note, depending on the temperment.  By
> "discreet notes" I a mean something parallel to piano keys, as opposed to a
> fretless-bass.
> A lot of light has been shed on a subject I've only begun to study (music
> theory) thanks to this discussion.
> Thanks,
> Andy
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