[music-dsp] re: Design of a portable drone box (Hardware/Software, Info/Ccomment REQ)

Ray Peck rpeck at rpeck.com
Wed Jan 30 19:19:08 EST 2002

>I am trying to make a small portable box that can play those 2 tones with
>acceptable quality so i can keep it in my pocket. 

It seems to me that since your two tones are perfectly in tune, and
since they're harmonically related so closely (a perfect fifth), they
are likely to psycho-acoustically merge into a single tone with brighter
timbre.  E.g., if you have sine waves of a note and the fifth, you're
likely to hear this as a single tone with the pitch of the root, and
hear the fifth as a harmonic of the root tone even if the volume of the
harmonic matches the volume of the root tone.

You may need to add some variation in the tones (e.g., slight out of
sync vibrato) to make them pop out as separate tones in your perception.
I'd experiment a bit with Sound Forge or Cool Edit or something before
you start writing assembly code. . .

Another question: why not use a little tape or digital voice recorder,
instead of synthesizing or writing a sample player and building new
hardware?  Methinks you're trying to solve the wrong problem (unless
you're intending on selling a million of these in India. . .).

"Whatever necessity lays upon thee, endure; whatever she commands, do."
 - Goethe

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