[music-dsp] Implementing an effect.

José Gregorio Cavazos C. gcavazos at sios.com.mx
Fri Nov 8 13:19:01 EST 2002


 thankx for your comments,

> Learn about reading, writing and 
> modifying audio on the computer, the DSP bit will be 
> basically platform independent so you can easily port it to 
> the board when you're happy with it on the computer. You 
> should be able to find code examples for distortion, as well 
> as a hell of a lot of documentation on the web - again, 
> www.musicdsp.org is a good place to look.

 I got some ActiveX controls from http://www.swiftsoft.de/mmtools.html
 and I tried them on vb 6, but I couldn´t fix the BIG delay between
 the input and the output, also hadn't enough "control" as I hoped,
 I read vb is slower than C, Is that true?

 I want to do the job of the activex control, and I see you are doing
 So, How do I get the transfer function of an effect? 
 And, How do I fix the delay problem, or it will be fixed when I use C

 Gregorio Cavazos.
 gcavazos at sios.com.mx

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