[music-dsp] Resonant filter, help a newbie

Paul Kellett paul.kellett at maxim.abel.co.uk
Mon Nov 11 13:50:17 EST 2002

"Ismael Valladolid Torres" <ivalladt at terra.es> wrote:
> For the resonant filter, I am using this nice and simple 
> algorithm by Paul Kellett.
> http://www.musicdsp.org/archive.php?classid=3#29

I would use the SVF instead, which is even simpler!

That particular filter might be a candidate for retirement from the
archive unless anyone can see anything interesting about it... It's
from back in the days when I was working DSP things out by trial 
and error, using MS Excel!   The filter is a mixture between a state
variable and a "Moog" except it has 2 first order lowpasses with 
overall feedback instead of 4.



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