[music-dsp] Reverb theory.

Cesare Ferrari cesare at loftsoft.co.uk
Thu Sep 19 03:41:18 EDT 2002

> Am Donnerstag, 19.09.02, um 00:10 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Thomas
> Oskarsson:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm new to this list.
>> Anyway, I'm interesting in reverb information. Can anyone explain how a
>> reverb is working? How do I calculate the delay and gain values? Where
>> can I
>> find source code examples? How is a mono input to stereo output reverb
>> work
>> compared to a stereo input to stereo output?
>> Well, as you can see I probably asking the wrong questions :-)
>> /Thomas
> Hi Thomas,
> there's no wrong question...
> It's quite late here and I'm almost asleep, so here's a small hint:
> search google for freeverb. It comes in different flavours and with
> source code.
> There is also a nice paper by Jasmin Frenette that covers quite a lot
> of what you need to know.

Well, Thomas, one thing that is pretty obvious, but overlooked is that you
can model reverbs directly from Irs these days (since machines are fast

So, rather than simulate reverb responses, you can apply a recorded room
response to your signal. Check out fast convolution and impulse responses
via goodle.


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