[music-dsp] modelling a spring reverb

James Chandler Jr. jchandjr at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 23 13:14:56 EDT 2002

>  From the reverb models I've tried, feedback delay networks have been
> overpoweringly superior ;)
> I've tried various configurations of comb filters and allpass filters,
> but FDN seems to blow them all away in terms of non-colored
> reverberation / CPU. If you're clever with the matrix multiply, 16 line
> FDN is not much more expensive than 16 parallel combs.

Thanks Vesa. Will try FDN's next time I get a chance to experiment.

Do you know of a well-implemented FDN reverb plugin (demo, shareware or
freeware) I could test audition? DirectX or Mas would be most convenient,
though VST is also doable (GRIN).

James Chandler Jr.

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