[music-dsp] Morph-verb?

Moyer, Andy AMoyer at jetson.com
Wed Feb 5 11:06:01 EST 2003

Has anybody done any work with "morphing" reverbs?  Just an idea that came
to mind - I'm thinking maybe something with sort of oscillating or random
parameters, like the early reflections, or the density of the reverb.  I'm
guessing this could probably acheive some very original "alien" sound
effects if done at a slow, but noticable modulation, maybe a "breething"
effect if you have a delay before the reverb, and possibly even a more
natural reverb if the modulation/randomness is has a rapid frequency?

Also, [forgive me for my lack of understanding with this] are there any sort
of effects that can be applied to a reverb [or, really, any other effect]
signal say, half way through the process of creating the reverb, that could
possibly yield wildly unconventional results while still being clearly
(audibly) related to the source?

Thanks for hearing me!

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