[music-dsp] MultiChannel(!) WDM drivers

ns neslon at pisem.net
Mon Jun 9 14:52:01 EDT 2003

                Hi everyone!

     Now I just writing WDM driver for our lab own soundcard.
Stereo-in and tereo-out works well. But it's only the part of work
'cause our soundcard is multichannel(~HammerFall(c) alike).
But I can't find _anything_ of how to make more than 1 wavein device
and 1 waveout device visible to WDM audio system. There is nothing on
it in MS DDK2000!
    Can anyone refer some useful on this topic?!

Best regards,
 ns                            mailto:neslon at pisem.net

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Best regards,
 ns                            mailto:neslon at pisem.net

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