[music-dsp] Mathematical prereqs?

James Chandler Jr jchandjr at bellsouth.net
Thu May 15 18:45:00 EDT 2003

> I am wondering what the best math courses that serve as a prereq for 
> fully understanding DSP are outside of what one might find in a 
> standard Computer Science degree

Please don't take this as expert advice, but if you were gonna actually 
take a few extra college courses, wonder if some carefully selected EE 
courses would be useful in understanding DSP?

I got a fair "practical working knowledge" of electronics via 
self-study, but never took any Electrical Engineering courses at 
college. Some DSP books apparently assume that the student is familiar 
with EE math concepts. For non-EE's who had an assortment of general 
math courses, perhaps this is one reason DSP books can seem "difficult 
to understand" if we didn't pay the proper dues in EE classes?

Self-study can be great, but, at least in my case, it can be difficult 
to pick up all the necessary concepts if a prof isn't "rubbing your 
nose" in areas which "do not seem immediately interesting or useful"?

James Chandler Jr.

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