[music-dsp] filters / effects

benny benny at scene.ro
Wed Nov 5 12:11:03 EST 2003

Hi there,

I'm trying to dig my way into writing a soft synth sample generator (later
to become a sequence generator), needed for a 64k intro.  I have written
basic oscilators and I've played around with simple combined wave types.
Here are some dsp coding newbie questions (I've never played with sound
programming before) :

1. my oscilator's output  is in [-1, 1] domain. is that ok or should I
translate it into [0,1] ? I'm using [-1,1] since I generate 16 bit signed
short samples

2. envelope generators should output a value in [0,1] streching over all the
samples of the generated sample, right ?

3. additive mix available oscilators -> scale with global volume -> apply
overdrive -> apply cutoff, resonance -> apply delay -> apply flanger,
phaser. is that a correct order of what should happen ?

4. at what stage does the cliping occur ? before entering the filters or
right before writing the sample ?

5. could anybody please point me to some less technical papers, tutorials or
bits of information that would help me implement the above mentioned
filters/effects ?

I know some of these question might sound foolish, but as I said, I'm only a
beginner. Thank you.

    benny / virtual eagle

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