[music-dsp] strobe tuners

Michael Gogins gogins at pipeline.com
Mon Nov 10 19:52:01 EST 2003

In my high school wind ensemble and symphony, we used a strobe tuner. They
definitely are the best. The flickering wheel starts moving, and you know
you're just a fraction of a cent off pitch, you know which direction, and
you know roughly how much you need to adjust.

I would think you could do one in software off a PC microphone.

Michael Gogins
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> >Surely you've used strobe tuners?
> I know strobe tuners exist, but I've never used one, nor met any other
> musician or technician who does. I think the price puts most people off.
> Peterson recently brought out a handheld digital strobe tuner, that was a
> step in the right direction, but it still cost several hundred dollars.
> real problem AFAIK is that Peterson have a patent on the strobe technology
> so they can charge what they like. A shame because IMO it's far and away
> best tuner technology. What I'm trying to do is basically a hobbyist clone
> of the strobe tuner.
> Steve C.
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