[music-dsp] WAV file string format?

Richard Dobson richarddobson at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 10:54:00 EST 2003

Being compatible and being correct are of course different things. Some 
software may even be clever enough (assuming there is a genuine 
uncertainty)  to try things both ways when reading a file. So probably 
the best way to answer this is for you to send me a (short!) soundfile 
expected to contain said chunk, and I can poke around the header.

Richard Dobson

Marc Lindahl wrote:
> I should have mentioned that I have already read about a dozen different 
> interpretations of the spec, the RIFF spec, etc.  what I'm looking for 
> is someone with *actual experience* doing this who can tell me which is 
> more compatible with existing waveform editors - pascal style or c style 
> strings.

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