[music-dsp] can i reconstruct a certain signal using dsp ...

Nikhil Sarma nietzschedisciple at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 16:37:32 EDT 2004

I hate to sound paranoid, but I have some reservations about the OP of
this thread and his intentions.  If I'm mistaken, I apologize to you
and everyone else offended, but I feel that I need to point a few
things out.

1. The domain name of the email address that Abu Abdullah provided
belongs to the United Arab Emirates University.  The actual address
that he uses is just a bunch of numbers.  Very suspicious.  No
university sets up email accounts with just numbers.  Is he trying to
hide your identity?

2. Regarding the following line in his email: 

"i own many  casstte containing audio leactures for certain subject
given by a person"

What subject and who is this person?  While I understand that it isn't
mandatory for you to reveal the content of these tapes or who the
speaker is, given the shady email account and that this seems to
originate from the Middle East, I am suspicious for the following

It is a well known fact that many radical Islamists spread their
message of hate and violence through audio tapes of their "sermons" at
mosques.  Recordings of such tapes would suffer from all the defects
he has mentioned: classroom lectures do not usually suffer from too
much background noise.

I know that I'm being entirely speculative here, but I think one
should dig a little deeper before offering professional help to this

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