[music-dsp] Re: AES membership issue

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Tue Feb 3 13:01:30 EST 2004

>From: mehmet at ece.pdx.edu
>got the membership card, I received nothing more

Our library has not received anything after 2000 August issue.
They have tried to get them with bad luck.

Sad thing is that now I don't have any way to read the journal.
I asked if open source audio software developers are qualified
as members but I don't remember how it ended -- maybe I was
directed to another person but I did not discuss it further
because I have no such moneys needed for the membership.

They should keep latest 5 years journals for members and for
purchase at regular prices, and make older papers freely
available (in PDF format) or sell older papers very cheaply
(also in PDF format). That is my suggestion for how to put
the older papers in good use.

Typically when I get interested in a topic, I check all papers
on the topic (tens of papers) and then sort out the papers.
For open source software developers the latest papers are not
always bests due patents. Buying a paper for $35 (IEEE) is no no
because papers refers to earlier papers on details. Many good
papers don't provide details, but a minor conference paper may
even give pseudo code. Very many papers are needed for a good
search on the topic. That is why the current policy sucks.

But I get IEEE papers free from our library. As many as I need.
That is good. I don't have to be selective -- I pick a paper
if the title and the abstract sounds even slightly interesting.
I don't have to stay on audio papers -- I may read papers on any
topic. All this *only* because it costs nothing to me.

AES could be first to switch to a better policy.
Read and learn, cheaply.


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