[music-dsp] [OT] Audio Processing Oppurtunities

Sundar Dwarakanath sundu17 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 27 17:46:02 EST 2004


I am a Audio Processing Engineer currently working with Sony Electronics,
San Jose.

I have expertise in the AAC Audio Codec technology and have knowledge of the
H.264 Video Codec Technology. I have done extensive optimization for the AAC
Audio Codec. I have also implemented multiple features on the AAC Audio
Codec. I have done conformance testing and quality testing on the AAC Audio
Codec as well.

I am very much interested in pursuing a career in Audio Processing. However,
Sony Electronics, has decided to go the Video Processing way. I am looking
for career oppurtunities in the Audio Processing field.

I would be grateful if any of you could point me to oppurtunities to work in
the Audio Processing field.

I have a resume in word format which I can send on request.
Thank you.

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