[music-dsp] real time multichannel digital mixer

Alexey Menshikov alexm at af.kiev.ua
Sun Jan 4 03:17:00 EST 2004

I coded own multichannel engine for expo thing:

It was very nice experience and very easy to code with DirectMisic +
DirectSound 3d.

Alexey Menshikov, G.A.N.G
Action Forms Ltd.

>> Hi all,
>> 	I'm looking around for a software/hardware tool to support 
>> multichannel interactive playback in a exhibition.
>> The performance should be based on a collection of monophonic sound
>> files, some short, some long, to be played back by the performer(s)
>> through an 8 channels loudspeaker system to create a 3D acoustic 
>> environment.
>> In my vision, each time a file is played, it should be possible to set
>> a level and possibly a delay for each loudspeaker. Also, each time a
>> file is played it should mix with any previous file still playing.
>> Of course, I could think at a limit, say, no more then X files played
>> at the same time.
>> I'd like to find something simple, possibly to be controlled by a 
>> single PC with a multichannel sound board. The driver/software should
>> be able to accept commands like this:
>> Play filename, ch1level, ch1delay, ch2level, ch2delay,... ch8level,
>> ch8delay.
>> with the ability to mix any new sound stream to those still active...
>> I'd like to hear your hints to find something useful for my needs...
>> I thank you all in advance,
>> Gianni

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