[music-dsp] DOS [or DOS mode] for low latency on PC?

Rob Belcham robbelcham at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:09:00 EST 2004

The input - output latency largely depends on your sound card. If you've got
a cheap, or built in sound card, the latency is likely to be quite high.

Typical modern soundcards with ASIO drivers can achive a latency in the
order of a few ms. Is this low enough for your needs ?

I understand Linux is also good for real-time, low latency audio, might be
worth checking out.

Rob B.

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> Subject: [music-dsp] DOS [or DOS mode] for low latency on PC?
> Hi,
> As mentioned in the past, I need low latency between input and
> output for my
> processing algorithms.
> However Windows has horrible latency.
> Is it worth considering using a DOS PC - or "DOS mode" with
> 16-bit programs
> to access the raw
> soundcard hardware thus avoiding Windows? [There are several ASM
> drivers etc
> for SoundBlaster hardware
> on the Web]
> Or is this simply an insane idea ...
> regards,
> Richard
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