[music-dsp] DOS [or DOS mode] for low latency on PC?

Ross Bencina rbencina at iprimus.com.au
Tue Jan 6 12:38:01 EST 2004

David Olofson wrote:
> Unfortunately, the 2.6 kernel hasn't quite delivered the kind of real
> time performance we hoped for yet, but there are older versions that
> perform well and are pretty solid. I've had great results with good
> old 2.2.10-lowlatency. Never got any later versions to perform that
> well myself, though I haven't really tried to tune a Linux/lowlatency
> system in a good while.

Hi David

Not sure if you know any more than you said above, but I'd be interested if
you could expand on it a bit.

I havn't been keeping track of Linux low-latency audio lately, but I have
been wondering about 2.6 -- I realise that it's early days, but do you know
what its potential is for outperforming (or performing as well as) previous
kernels with special low latency patches? Are there any specific issues that
the Linux Audio world is discussing with regard to 2.6? (aside from ALSA
being standard of course).

Looking forward to the day when I can pick up a Linux install from my
newsagent with 2ms latency standard.

Best wishes


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