[music-dsp] Design of IIR Filters

David Ross david_e_ross at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 13:16:04 EST 2004

Hi Al,

Thanks for your help. I have downloaded QE DEsign demo and am currently 
having fun playing with poles and zeros, its amazing what they do when you 
think about it :-) Cheers for the advice about the books too,


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>>Hi List,
>>I was wondering if anyone had some information on the Design of IIR 
>>Filters. Anyone got any links to an article or tutorial on a simple method 
>>of IIR design? I'm wanting to learn the math. For example, if I have my 
>>Filter specs. (Sampling rate, cutoff frequency etc..) what is the best way 
>>to arrive at the transfer function and coefficients? Anyone got any 
>>experience of doing this, a tried and tested approach that gives good 
>>Thanks for any help,
>Most introductory DSP books cover this topic. One of the best written 
>primers is Rick Lyons' Understanding Digital Signal Processing. Digital 
>Audio Signal Processing by Udo Zolzer and Introduction to Signal processing 
>by Orfanidis are good books that have an audio bent.
>You should be aware that different IIR filter topologies will have better 
>performance. There are papers that discuss these issues, many in the AES 
>Journal. Math precision is very important for high performance IIR filters.
>You can use a bilinear transform or other method to convert an s plane 
>filter to a z-plane filter. It is certainly doable by hand calculation, but 
>most of us use a filter program instead. I like QEDesign, a program from 
>Momentum Data Systems (www.mds.com).
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