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Hi Bram,
Re 3 : You might want to check the work of Michel Redolfi who was working at the CIRM in Nice (France) in the 80s / 90s and has done several underwater concerts. I think he has done that in California too, and that they were quite advanced (including multi speaker system, underwater instrumentists etc...).

Smartelectronix - Bram de Jong <bram at smartelectronix.com> wrote: hey guys,

I've long had this idea of working together with the city I live in to make
an under-water audio installation in one of the few pools we have here...

I was thinking a multi-speaker, multi-channel emersive (pun intended) audio

Now the questions are simple :

1. what apparatus can be used? I know there exist under water speakers, but
they would probably cost a lot! Could ABOVE-water transducers be used, when
coupled to an object that goes sub-water-level? (think metal/plastic/...
sheets that "hang" into the pool)

2. what difference does water make on the acoustics? Would low-frequencies
work? would you be able to get nice stereo sounds with speakers around the

3. has anyone got experience with this sort of stuff? any other pointers?

4. have I gone completely start raving mad? ;-)

Combined with propper lighting and opening the pool at night, it would be
quite fun to have people diving upder the water to hear what's going on...

- bram

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