[music-dsp] measuring partial frequencies

Joerg Spix Joerg.Spix at informatik.uni-oldenburg.de
Mon Jan 12 18:01:00 EST 2004

Hi folks,

>Peter Thom wrote:
>> What would be the best way to measure exact partial frequencies of a
>> tone? Any ideas?
>Do you mean the harmonics other than the fundamental?  If
>so, SpectraLab (a PC application) performs that measurement
>in an overall sense and gives a plot of the FFT for
>isolating them.

I don't think he means (exact) harmonics but partial tones (sinoidal
components of a musical tone with not neccesarily exact whole number
multiples of the base freqency).

Years ago I know "Lemur" did sinoidal tracking on a Macintosh. I think this
beast still exists...
If you don't have a Mac, still have a look at the manual so you might get
some ideas what the program should do you are looking for.


Joerg.Spix (at) informatik.uni-oldenburg.de

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