[music-dsp] input buffer size.

Angelo Farina farina at pcfarina.eng.unipr.it
Tue Jan 13 14:51:01 EST 2004

Ah, many thanks Ross!
Now I understand many things which affect the performances of some VST
plugins, such as SIR, when employed under AudioMulch...
It would definitely be nice to have the possibility to change the VST buffer
size, not only the SoundCard buffer size...


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> Angelo Farina wrote:
> > In my knowledge, the buffer size is set by the host 
> program, and this 
> > information is passed to the VST plugin, which should 
> accomodate for it.
> > For example, AudioMulch makes it easy to change the buffer 
> size (and 
> > consequentky the latency). The proposed values are 
> effectively always
> power
> > of 2...
> Hi Angelo
> Although AudioMulch allows setting the host buffer size (the 
> size of buffers used to communicate with the sound card), 
> this is not necessarily the same as the processing buffer 
> size, since the processing buffer size determines such 
> factors as the granularity of automation updates. At the 
> moment AudioMulch hardwires the processing buffer size to 256 
> although like many hardcoded restricitions it will eventually 
> be changed. In order to allow synchronisation with some 
> unusual ASIO sound cards it may be necessary to even support 
> non-power of two buffer sizes.
> Best wishes
> Ross.
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