[music-dsp] Motorola Assembler on OSX

robert bristow-johnson rbj at surfglobal.net
Thu Jan 15 11:12:00 EST 2004

On 01/14/2004 04:23, Paul Maddox at P.Maddox at signal.qinetiq.com wrote:

> Dear all,
> Does such a thing exist?

i think it does since Digidesign Pro Tools exists for OSX and for TDM
plug-ins, they must have *some* 56k3 assembler.  i do not have any OSX stuff
at all (yet), as i am still running OS9.1, but i *do* have the MPW tool
(that can be run by Code Warrior) for the 56k3 assembler.  do you want it?
perhaps the version of CodeWarrior that runs on OSX is smart enough to run
the earlier tools and somehow glue it to the current OSX.  i dunno.

> Or do I need to run a windows emulator to do this?

maybe if you switch to OS9.x (i heard that Macs with OSX were actually had
both systems resident), and run the MPW tool.  i dunno.

if you want this thing, lemme know.

r b-j

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