[music-dsp] Darned SB16 cards!

Augmentics musicdsp at augmentics.com
Sat Jan 17 10:13:01 EST 2004


As discussed, being annoyed with Windows huge latencies when processing
in real-time (hah!), I decided to give plain old DOS a try.

Accordingly I got my old 486 from the loft, ripped out its 8-bit sound card
plonked in a 16-bit SB16 I borrowed.

What do I find now? The SB16 can only support 1 channel in 16-bit DMA -
the other must be 8-bit data.

Truly wonderful! I offer my congratulations to the board designer.

I don't suppose if any of you guys/gals know of a SB16 DOS library which can
in real time with 16-bit data for both input and output? [I suppose one
channel would
have to be polled as only one can run with DMA]



Richard (UK)

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