[music-dsp] Video FIR filters [OT]

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Sun Jan 18 00:53:01 EST 2004

On Sunday 18 January 2004 05.35, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> Have you thought of contacting the monitor manufacturer?  If you
> could get ahold of the right person there, they may know of a video
> card(s) that can drive it to its full potential, or some other work
> around.

I talked to a guy at Eizo Sweden a while back, and also got in touch 
with a specialist in high end cabling, video amplifiers and stuff.

The conclusion was that an external video amplifier might improve 
things (but would cost more than the video card), and that only 
Matrox cards were seriously capable of driving an F980 at the time.

The Parhelia had just been released at the time, first with 400 MHz 
RAMDACs, and probably still the only card around with 5th order 
filters and a practically flat response all the way up to 400 MHz.

No OpenGL drivers for Linux, though, so I'd need to get a PCI version 
and use an AGP card for the 3D stuff. They just released a 256 MB PCI 
version. An alternative to the HR256, maybe.

And BTW, the F980 is no longer in production, and there's no similar 
or better model to replace it. Guess Eizo realized high resolution 
CRTs are a dead end...

Meanwhile, I discovered that my old Nokia 446Xpro easilly displays 
resolutions up to at least 1856x1392. (It's supposed to be max 
1600x1200...) Pixel clocks land beyond spec for the FireGL DVI 
output, but 1808x1356 is fine and that's exactly what I need to get 
the same DPI on both monitors. :-)

Now, judging from the amount of OT noise I'm making, I should stay 
away from the mail client until I had some sleep. :-)

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