[music-dsp] Oversampling to improve ADC precision?

Lance Boyle lanceboyle at myrealbox.com
Sun Jan 18 17:03:01 EST 2004

>>> From: "Augmentics" <musicdsp at augmentics.com>
>>>> Can running a 10-bit ADC at 16 x normal speed give you the
>>>> equivalent of a 12-bit ADC?
>>> I don't know the numbers, but that is the basic idea of delta-sigma
>>> conversion, so you might want to read up on that.
>> Yes, exactly. For the numbers, oversampling by a factor of two
>> theoretically halves the power of quantization noise in the baseband,
>> effectively gaining 3 dBs SNR, or 1/2 equivalent quantization bit.
Doesn't all of this assume that a converter works as well at the higher 
sampling frequency as at the lower frequency, noise notwithstanding? 
Aren't there issues of settling time, aperture time, etc.? While these 
issues may be minimized with sigma-delta types, are they eliminated?


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