[music-dsp] Motorola Assembler on OSX

Nigel Redmon earlevel at earlevel.com
Mon Jan 19 12:55:01 EST 2004

>> Does such a thing exist?
> i think it does since Digidesign Pro Tools exists for OSX and for TDM
> plug-ins, they must have *some* 56k3 assembler.

For OS X, they supply "unix executable file" versions of the usual DSP 
tools (asm56300, cldlod, and dsplnk). Normally, the developer supplies 
a very simple ".gmk" (gnu make) file to supply the source names and 
desired targets; this gets parsed by a perl script, executed by the 
codewarrior IDE, which builds and executes the unix command lines for 
the tools. I don't know where they came up with the DSP tools, though.

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