[music-dsp] Re: SB cards / low latency etc etc

ds meroveus at iprimus.com.au
Tue Jan 20 02:52:00 EST 2004

> The AWE32 was capable of recording at 16 bit OR playback at 16 bits, but
> simultaneusly. The operation which was started first was getting the
> DMA channel, and hence the true 16-bits words.
> The other operation, instead, was bottlenecked through the 8-bit DMA, so,
> although a 16-bit word was apparently transmitted, its 8 LS bits were
> zero.
> I am talking of the original AWE32 card (ISA interface). The subsequent

The AWE64 (which used the E-mu 8000 chip like the AWE32) was not full-duplex
The first Creative (soundblaster ) card which did full-duplex was the LIVE.
It utilized the E-Mu 10k.

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