[music-dsp] Alesis 1KM

Rich Thompson rt at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 00:36:01 EST 2004

WOW!  just what i was looking for! I've started writing a few guitar effects
Any chance of emailing me the software package/code to have a browse over
I also found BKasm (very good 1KM assembler, and very good documentation)
and Syn (Programmers Editor) which work well together on sourceforge.  
take care


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Dear Rich, dear all,
With a few friends, we are currently working on an effect pedal using the 1K
DSP called Miss Parker. The aim is to provide about the same amount of
functionality as a standard analog pedal but with the improvement of being
able to change effect easily. For this reason, we're also using an EZ-USB
chip from Cypress for communication with the PC.
You can find more information about the complete project on our site in the
"Miss Parker" section: http://users.swing.be/axoris/. Unfortunately, this
site is not really up-to-date as we're mainly working on the technical
stuff. Some packages, links, explanation, latest status (I didn't knew the
list was so long ;=) ) are missing, we'll try to update it in the near
There's (not downloadable yet) also a software package (see VirtuAL3101
pages) including assembler, command-line simulator and application generator
that might be of interest for any 1K user and there will be also some code
available for the 1K DSP.
Best regards,
p.s.: please be understanding on the esthetics of this site, a
better-looking frame-based version was under construction but not uploaded

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Hi People
Just subscribed to the list, looks like a happening place....
has anyone used the Alesis semiconductor AL3101 1KM DSP?  looks like an
ideal part for audio effects, and very cheap too! Any comments or code for
it to get me going ?? ;-)  
All help appreciated.

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