[music-dsp] Look-ahead & buffering

Citizen Chunk citizenchunk at nyc.rr.com
Fri Jan 23 08:01:01 EST 2004

(first off, thanks to all who have been helping me with quick responses to
my silly newbie questions. I really appreciate it. I love this mailing

Just a quick question about look-ahead limiting:

Am I correct to assume that look-ahead is essentially nothing more than
implementing a delay between the sample that you are "following" in your
envelope follower and the sample that you are processing in your gain

Envelope = f(x)


GainReduction = f(x-lookAhead)

So basically, the envelope that is calculated on the current sample (most
recent sample in the buffer) is sent to the gain reduction block, where it
determines the gain reduction for the oldest sample ( x - lookAhead ) in the

Basically, this is nothing more than a buffering problem, right?

The reason I ask is that, when I search for "look ahead" in the archives, I
get a bunch of what seems like, to me, overly complicated solutions to the
problem. Like one solution uses sorting to find the greatest level in the
buffer. Is that really necessary?

Well, take 'er easy guys! have a great weekend!

-Citizen Chunk

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