[music-dsp] job posting

Russell Borogove kaleja at estarcion.com
Fri Jan 23 17:44:00 EST 2004

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 06:24:03PM -0500, John Lai wrote:
> PS.  I attended a talk year and a half ago in in Window .net programming at
> Boston University.  The presenter (a local well known computer gig) said he
> saw job ads (here in New England) looking for programmers with 5 years
> experience in .net (and .net was about 3 years old)!  One would never know
> what strange demands employers have.

Yeah, I remember friends in the web business seeing positions 
requiring 7 years of html experience in 1996. :) Sometimes 
such impossible requirements are intentionally put in to 
either (a) catch out people who will claim the impossible on
their resume or (b) to make sure that no external applicants 
are acceptable for the position because they have in internal 
applicant in mind but have to open the position for political 


> > Applicant must demonstrate a broad knowledge of programming languages,
> tools
> > and multithreading. Linux, BeOS, Windows, Mac OSX, OpenGL, embedded
> systems,
 > device drivers and pro audio experience is a plus.

I can read this as each of those OSes and skills being a "plus"
rather than a requirement. While you may be right that they're
looking for someone to overwork, if I needed a job and had 80% 
of the listed items, I'd apply.


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