[music-dsp] "surround sound" resources?

Dr A.P. Whichello adrianw at ise.canberra.edu.au
Sun Jan 25 16:55:06 EST 2004

Hi All,

I run classes for engineering students where they learn some DSP theory and
how to program sharc processors (ez-kits). I want to make up some new lab
experiments and as there is a lot of student interest in surround sound and
audio things in general, I'd like to include some more audio processing
labs. But there seems to be little information on the web apart from "go
and buy the latest receiver/processor..." when you want to go beyond simple
things like differencing the left and right channel to produce "ambience"
surround sound (or cancel vocals). Does anyone have some pointers to
information about (simplified) versions of the surround algorithms buried
within these receivers? Then I'll see if experiments are feasible on our
development boards. I presume delay and filters are involved, too, which
would make for a good experiment. Thanks in advance,


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