[music-dsp] "surround sound" resources?

Angelo Farina farina at pcfarina.eng.unipr.it
Mon Jan 26 03:29:04 EST 2004

Just look inside the sursound mail list archives.

Angelo Farina 

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> Hi All,
> I run classes for engineering students where they learn some 
> DSP theory and how to program sharc processors (ez-kits). I 
> want to make up some new lab experiments and as there is a 
> lot of student interest in surround sound and audio things in 
> general, I'd like to include some more audio processing labs. 
> But there seems to be little information on the web apart 
> from "go and buy the latest receiver/processor..." when you 
> want to go beyond simple things like differencing the left 
> and right channel to produce "ambience"
> surround sound (or cancel vocals). Does anyone have some 
> pointers to information about (simplified) versions of the 
> surround algorithms buried within these receivers? Then I'll 
> see if experiments are feasible on our development boards. I 
> presume delay and filters are involved, too, which would make 
> for a good experiment. Thanks in advance,
> Adrian
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