[music-dsp] Dts decoding

Angelo Farina farina at pcfarina.eng.unipr.it
Mon Jan 26 16:23:51 EST 2004

As with Dolby AC3 decoding, also DTS decoding requires, in principle, to pay
a license fee. It is a proprietary, not-free format.
As AC3 is much more common, some unofficial decoders appeared since some
time for it. For example, I am employing the AC3filter software by Alexander
Vigovsky, which is an excellent, open-source AC3 decoder
The most similar thing for DTS is DTS/WAV Filter by Hypercube. Here is it:
Another free DTS decoding filter is AzidDTS.

Angelo Farina

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> What's the story with Dts decoding?  I understand that the 
> encoder is where the money is, but since the material from 
> the manufacturers says that decoding is easy and not where 
> the science is, then is it possible to get the spec's and 
> build a decoder?
> There is very little info on Google as to what the problem 
> is.  Should I try dropping Dts an email to ask...?
> Thanks
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