[music-dsp] DX CrossConvolver plug needed

Angelo Farina farina at pcfarina.eng.unipr.it
Tue Jan 27 03:05:23 EST 2004

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> Yes.  I'd love to see you wrap those plugs in DirectX, 
> Angelo.  While I do use Audition there are many who don't. 

It is not an easy task, because Direct-X (or VST) plugins are designed for
processing real-time the data flow arriving in short segments, whilst a
CoolEdit plugin is just for post-processing, and can access to the whole
lenght of the waveform simultaneously. It is not just matter of "wrapping",
unfortunately my plugin should be rewritten from scratch.... 
However, before we had the IR-1, I was used to employ two instances of SIR
and a simple summer for doing the job in real-time applications (inside
Bidule or AudioMulch). The latency is a bit larger than with IR-1, but the
results are perfect.
I can post an Audiomulch or Bidule patchbay, if You like.
Or You can easily derive one from those for UHJ encoding and decoding, which
You find here:



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