[music-dsp] DX CrossConvolver plug needed

Bob Cain arcane at arcanemethods.com
Tue Jan 27 12:19:05 EST 2004

Angelo Farina wrote:
> I can post an Audiomulch or Bidule patchbay, if You like.
> Or You can easily derive one from those for UHJ encoding and decoding, which
> You find here:
> http://pcfarina.eng.unipr.it/aurora/conversion_between_uhj_and_b.htm#Audiomu
> lch

Good info there, Angelo.  Thanks.  Unfortunately Audiomulch
and Bidule appear to be stand alone applications which host
plugins rather than being plugins themselves.  I just wrote
Christian, author of SIR, a note asking him to consider
recognizing four channel wave files, such as can be created
with your DOS utility, and doing the 2x2 cross convolution
transparently in that case.  It would hardly impact his user
interface so I'm hoping he will consider it.  Maybe you (and
anyone else interested in this capability) could nudge him



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