[music-dsp] Look-ahead & buffering

Wilfried Welti wwelti at vme.de
Tue Jan 27 19:26:06 EST 2004

Hello together,

>>Like one solution uses
>>sorting to find the greatest level in the buffer. Is that really
> Can't say, but I suspect the sorting is about more than just finding 
> the peak value. Sorting gives you all the samples ordered by 
> magnitude, which might be useful for some statistical analysis. (Only 
> guessing, as I'm not sure which algorithm you're referring to. Do you 
> have an URL?)

Are you talking about this?:

I guess that was my idea ;) Indeed it's for keeping track of the peak 
value of a moving buffer. Of course the "traditional" approach for 
dynamic processing using an envelope follower might more useful in most 
cases 8-)

Though i like the sorting idea, it might prove useful if a limiter needs 
to be "fail-safe", while being able to work with very tight settings. 
The algorithm may be a bit more expensive as an envelope follower, but 
it's still well suited for realtime use.


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