[music-dsp] Analog ripples ?

Vesa Norilo warder at dlc.fi
Wed Jun 2 10:49:08 EDT 2004


Maybe the fuzzbox does asymmetric waveshaping and has a DC-blocking
filter to clean up the signal. I think this would explain an overshoot
if that's what you're describing.


>Hi guys,
>The other day, I was looking at the scope signal produced by feeding some
>simple signals into a fuzz box. I've noticed that apart from the usual
>distortion caracteristics (waveshaping, wave folding and such) I could see
>some ripple on raising flanks: whenever something like an upward
>discontinuity happens there's a small chirp (very similay to a filter
>impulse response) that does appear. Has anyone a better explanation to this
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