[music-dsp] From frequency response to FIR coefficients: do I have this right?

David Olofson david at olofson.net
Wed Mar 31 08:46:21 EST 2004

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 04.36, Nigel Redmon wrote:
> For some reason, my spam screening quality dropped dramatically in
> the past week or so, and I'm only auto-killing about 70% of the
> 500-700 a day I get. So I've been manually screening the rest. It
> was sort  of bizarre to see an email containing a virus attachment,
> attributed to JOS's actual well-known email address. The spammers
> didn't make the connection from mining my website, so I suppose
> from this or other DSP-list connection. Clever spammers.

I get tons of those, although only a few a day get past my ISP's spam 
and virus filters. Occasionally, I also get bounce error messages for 
various crap sent using my address for From:. It's really rather 
disturbing to get automated responses with warnings about legal 
action and stuff from domains you've never heard of. :-/

I suspect that the spammers subscribe to various lists and then 
extract the "related" addresses by analyzing the posts and/or the 
archives. Some list servers will happily answer the "subscribers" 
request from any subscriber - probably a bad idea these days...

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