[music-dsp] writing a whitenoise transformationprogram thatcreates sound files

Angelo Farina farina at pcfarina.eng.unipr.it
Sun Oct 24 18:56:38 EDT 2004


> On the lower left corner of the dynamics processing effect 
> "Graphic" page there is a check box for "envelope only".  I 
> thought it put it on the clip board, which would be a more 
> sensible thing to do, but I just tried it and it replaces the 
> signal which forces you to do it on a copy.
> This is a particularly nice way to do it because you can 
> utilize all of the various controls of a dynamics processor 
> including the transform graph, attack and release times, and 
> even band limiting the detection.  I imagine if you wanted to 
> be selective over several discrete bands that you could use 
> paste/modulate on the envelopes themselves.

Ah, very nice! I did not discover this trick yet.....
This opens new possibilities, as You suggest, for example computing the
Active Speech level according to ITU-P56 (no need for my new plugin if this
is true...).
It is even possible to get an envelope which simply switch between 0 and 1,
and which can act as a Squelch control...




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