[music-dsp] The shape of filters & interaction between them

Martin Eisenberg martin.eisenberg at udo.edu
Wed Sep 15 13:11:05 EDT 2004

From: "Dave Peverley" <pev at sketchymonkey.com>

> On further investigation, plotting the response of the filter at
> various frequencies I also noticed that it is only symetrical
> around F0 when F0=Fs/4. So its not _just_ he bandwidth that
> changes.
> So, to summarise, ly two questions are :
> Q1) Is there a way to adapt this filter to keep its shape at the
>     other frequencies?

I once saw a paper on bandpass filters with nonzero magnitude at
Nyquist, which can be used to make high-frequency peaks less skewed.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the author or title, and I can't find
the paper even though I was sure I kept it. Does anyone know what
publication I'm thinking of?


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