[music-dsp] sinc FIR ?

robert r_obert at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 6 20:03:33 EDT 2005


I'm redoing some sample and decimate code I have for an audio project.  I
had been using standard halfband filters, but after following the recent
"downsampling" thread, I realize that the -3 dB at the fs/4 is going to
result in too much aliasing for me ... especially if it's only a single
stage of decimation.  In that regard, my interest was heightened by
discussion of the sinc FIR filter.  If I understood correctly, this filter
will provide great attenuation at fs/4?  But I'm not having much luck
finding out more information.  Can someone point me to some, or lend a
description on how it's generated?




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