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Andy Leary andy at korgrd.com
Fri Feb 25 13:21:29 EST 2005

On Feb 25, 2005, at 7:04 AM, Ajay Bangla <ajay at emuzed.com> wrote:
> I would certainly think that as fc is swept, the variations in loudness
> are to make the sound more natural. I have one dls2 file which I am
> using for testing my synthesizer. Some of the instruments such as
> ocarina and accordion have samples with very significant high frequency
> components. I have a composition where such an instrument is supposed 
> to
> be a lead but after filtering it is hardly audible. Definately such a
> playback will be unacceptable. If no level adjustment based on cutoff 
> is
> to be done, then I would expect the dls file to specify lower
> attenuation values for such samples. Is this assumption right?  The 
> dls2
> file I have is not from a reliable source and may have such problems.
> Windows has gm.dls (dls1 file) which is fairly good. Are there any such
> freely available dls2 files which I could use to test my filter?
> The synthesizer I am making is for midi file playback where the user
> will be provided only master volume control.
> regards,
> Aj

Try Google.

If the file you have doesn't sound "good" with your player, you'll need 
to play
the same file back on a known DLS2 player and compare the sound. If it
sounds the same, then you've done your job right and the person who made
the sequence file did a poor job.  If they sound different, then you 
have to look
at your player and see what's going on.  Direct X includes a DLS2 
player I
think and there should be others available.

Andy Leary
KORG Research and Development

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